Saffron Tea Collection

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Inspired by ancient remedies, our Saffron Tea Collection presents a unique blend of the highest quality Saffron strands married with whole Ceylon leaves and herbs.

Crafted by our master tea blenders, our Saffron Tea Collection not only brings the well-known ancient healing and medicinal properties of saffron into the mix, but  as importantly, presents a pleasant alluring taste.

As an affluent and rare spice, Saffron was once used throughout the ancient empires by statesmen and royalties to parade their wealth by its fragrant scent and rich colour. In addition to its unique flavor and aroma, Saffron has in modern times been acknowledged for its medicinal and antioxidant properties that combat depression whilst improving blood circulation, indigestion and memory loss.

At La Perse we do not believe in using artificial additives or preservatives in our fine biodegradable tea bags and our passion for tea will rejuvenate and nourish your body and soul with every cup.

Enjoy your tea experience. Enjoy La Perse.