The cupbearer is Love, and the Lovers are filled to the brim. “Rumi”

Our trade is simple; to enrich the lives of people around us through the finest blended delicacies on this earth passed down to us from our Silk Road Ancestors.

From the world’s most precious and expensive spice, to prime fruits and alternative natural health remedies, we at La Perse are continuously evolving our products to provide you with the optimum taste experience.

Our artisanal packaging, ethical attributes and personal dedication to launching luxuries with uncompromising quality make us stand above our adversaries. Our approach would ensure us a virtuous role in the Food and Beverage sector amidst the hustle of mass volume production with antisustainable farming.

At La Perse, We exercise full traceability for all our products and hence can promise to only use high quality ingredients with the latest production technologies.

Our co-founders habitually visit our farming partners to ensure fair-trade practices are observed at all times and communities are given back justly for the taste pleasures we pass on to our customers. We would not have it any other way.

From an exclusive range of whole leaf teas to a selected collection of fine dried fruits, all our offerings invite you to indulge your senses and feed your passion for fine gourmet food and beverages.

La Perse unique products are available at fine retailers, restaurants, hotels and spas worldwide, as well as on our website.